about Me

who am I?
what I love doing when not working?
They say all DOTS connect BACK. Mine eventually did too.

Started rich with an A in July 2020.


Did University in Resource Management, then studied Interior Designing and finally Export Management: all in Delhi, India. Had some creative fun with Turn-key Interior projects for Expats, offices, Stores until that ceased to challenge me.

My next Milestone was the Retail Design World. While working with some giants in the Retail Sector in India, I got an insight into the manufacturing aspect of designing. This was the turning point in my life. An experience that I cherish till today. This pushed me to study Management, to get a better understanding of the entire Process. Thereon my focus was, the Retail Luxury Segment.

16 years of living in Munich, Germany, I learnt the language, adapted to the culture and this is my HOME now. Got back to working in the Interiors Industry and this time with some European Market Leaders. Travelling to different Design Shows and staying aware of the New Trends gave me a new high. And then I realized it was TIME to START a NEW CHAPTER…
I absolutely love working in my little garden. Don’t have very green fingers but have neither killed many plants till now.

Travelling is our family’s passion but for me personally I can never repeat a destination twice. Leads to some family arguments at times. The world is too big for that. So, my Bucket List gets longer instead of shorter.

My Mantra is “Never say never”, so I am game to trying out new cuisines, crazy activities. My best dare when it comes to food, was eating salted uncooked worms in South Africa.

Am passionate about organizing and am forever trying to better my skills. Can stay awake through the night to put things in boxes. I love collecting organizing Boxes. Wish I could put EVERYTHING in a BOX.