about Me

who am I?
what are some fun facts about me?
Been THREE Years of rich with an A.

I know it is a cliché to say so but YES: Time indeed flew by.

How I got here?

While studying and growing up in India, I was clueless that one day I will have my own Design Agency in Germany. Or maybe NOT. I did University in Resource management, then studied Interior Design and finally Export management and all that while living in Delhi. Today all that I studied is coming in handy. HAPPY me.

Have been working since 1994 and had some creative fun with Turn-key Interior Projects for Expats, Offices, Stores until that started getting MUNDANE for me.

My next CHANGE was the RETAIL Industry in India. I was lucky to have a direct insight into the manufacturing aspects of Interior objects in different materials and this proved to be a BIG CURVE in my career. I knew right away that this was my calling. At this point I went back to studying Management to have a better understanding of the entire process. I worked for some big names in the Retail Industry and my focus was always the LUXURY Segment. How Interior Objects like furniture or accessories are made and how they can be sold at a perfect price EXCITES me even today?

18 years in Munich, Germany, I learnt the language, adapted to the culture and this is my HOME now. When I got back to working in the Interior Industry here, I was very sure that one day I would have something of my own but WHEN, I had no clue. I am glad I took the PLUNGE and today I have a small TEAM and am looking at growing and empowering more women like myself.
  • my best DARE and actually no one dared me to it was, eating salted uncooked worms in South Africa
  • i am super passionate about organizing things in boxes. It gives me a real high.
  • with a really good Pistachio ice cream you can win a friend in me
  • i have tried all possible Roller coasters and crazy Amusement Park rides. Been there. Done that.
  • driving for hours at a stretch without a break is very peaceful for me. Somehow, I am my most productive self then.
  • 32 countries and counting, would love to double this count in this lifetime.
  • i work out while brushing my teeth.
  • taking out weeds in my garden is very relaxing for me.
  • i literally EAT an APPLE a Day.
  • i don’t like CHOCOLATE.