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Jonathan Adler

Potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery. In 1993, Barneys bought his collection of pots, and five years later, he opened his first store in Soho. Jonathan’s desire to design all the bits one needs to create a flawlessly chic home led to more and more. Today, Jonathan Adler is a design company with retail locations worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, a full slate of residential and commercial projects, and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations globally. JA strives to create luxe and livable interiors that are seriously designed, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Abhika Home Couture

Abhika Home Couture is about half an hour drive from the most beautiful city in the world, Venice. A showroom that one needs to see to believe the power of this larger than life collection. It is a world of its own.

Moroheads by Abhika are an absolute MUST HAVE. These Sicilian beauties are one of the most admired collections in the rather rich Abhika portfolio.

Since 2008 Abhika is continuing to grow with a wide range of “made in Italy” furnishing, produced by local artisans, as well as decorative items sourced both from Europe and the rest of the world, Abhika offers solutions for exclusive and refined interiors.


In the Venetian countryside, with an enchanting hilly skyline and babbling mountain brooks, there is a town, Borso del Grappa, which echoes the name of its highest and most noble mountaintop, where Bosa, the ceramic industry renowned around the world, chose to settle many years ago.

In 1976 Italo Bosa began his own ceramic production, applying the ancient techniques for making objects entirely by hand, enhanced by a rich palette of colours, decorated with precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper, and enameled in the exclusive shades of colour created by the company. These precision techniques remain the foundation for Bosa’s production and ensure that Bosa’s objects remain unique, recognizable and of the finest quality.

From the initial collaboration with Marco Zanuso Jr., and the consolidated relationship with the Palomba-Serafini firm, Bosa has developed friendly professional relationships with Satyendra Pakhalé, Patricia Urquiola, Marco Morosini, Manolo Bossi, Gualtiero Sacchi, Sam Baron, Luca Nichetto, Sebastian Herkner, Elena Salmistraro and a special understanding with Jaime Hayon, who has invented so many exuberant worlds. Equally important are its collaborations with leading manufacturers such as Minotti, Moroso, B&B Italia, Baccarat and its custom-designed contract work for Ferrari, Escada, DeBeers, DISNEY and many others.
Skogsberg& Smart

Skogsberg & Smart is a dynamic, innovative luxury goods Swedish company specialized in creating bespoke home accents. Founded in 2008 with the launch of the signature hand blown Hurricane Lamp, Skogsberg & Smart has since created a number of exquisite glass pieces to compliment any sophisticated environment.

The intricate, daring designs are made by highly skilled artisans in the Czech territory of Bohemia, home of the world’s most famous glass blowers. All of Skogsberg & Smart’s pieces are hand blown and hand painted, ensuring that each and every one is unique and original.

Skogsberg & Smart continually launch new products; they are stocked in prestigious boutiques, hotels and restaurants worldwide, from Scandinavia and Europe, to New York and the Far East.


Roger Weber & Stefanie Faghani combined their skills and created a forum for modern photographic art.
From this vision Corte was born in early 2018 – a perfect German synergy. Roger the creative head, Stefanie the experienced partner for sales, marketing and communication.
Today Roger is one of the well-known photographers. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, at the annual festival for fashion photography in Cannes, as well as in various art galleries such as CU1 in Miami, Gallery Snap in Orlando and Gallery Insighter in Paris. He regularly photographs for the magazines VOGUE, ELLE, Marie Claire and L’Officiel.
Corte has three product lines each of course captured by Roger and made in Germany:

  1. Limited Edition
    • Edition 30 with certificate
    • Customizable
  2. Unlimited Edition
    • Acrylic on aluminium in 3 assorted sizes
  3. TONDOS by Corte
    • Round 6 mm thick plexiglass
    • Wall Art, Trivet.
    • 10 cm – 120 cm diameter